The facility will serve as the headquarters of Environmental Structure Inc.

ESI is committed to staffing the Fabrication Facility with residents who live, work or have a vested interest in the revitalization of urban communities.

Through this Economic Development Initiative, residents will become trained in designing, constructing and manufacturing greenhouse that will be built and transported to other communities, cities and states.

Production and Distribution

Green Acres Plaza & Farmers Market will serve as a nexus point to grow, produce and sell plants, vegetables and other products and services.

By participating in Community Shared Agricultural (CSA), shoppers will partner with local farmers to receive an assortment of fruits, vegetables and other healthy food alternatives at discounted prices.

Delicious drinks made from fresh fruit and a variety of gardening supplies and patio accessories will also be made available for purchase.

Community Involvement

An extension of Green Acres Plaza and Farmers Market is Victory Gardens. These "mini" gardens will be situated in other neighborhoods throughout the city.

Residents will have the option of participating in workshops and other events such as cook offs, festivals, arts and crafts. These events will create networking opportunities while simultaneously teaching new ways to prepare healthy food choices.

By establishing gardens in other neighborhoods, individuals and families from other parts of the city will benefit from the Green Acres Plaza and Farmers Market concept.

Employment & Training

In addition to providing employment and training opportunities and access to healthy foods, youth will be trained in leadership development, self-discipline, workforce preparation, and entrepreneurial skills.

As a way to encourage community involvement among youth and young adults, "Green Enterprises" that entails forming positive relationships with the adults via street and block clubs will be developed.

Youth will also be trained on networking with neighboring communities, businesses, schools and other organizations.